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When you need a criminal defense lawyer, time is of the essence. That's why our lawyers are easy to get in touch with, quickly.

The combined experience of attorneys at our Aledo firm totals more than thirty-six years of knowledge from practicing law in Texas. That experience includes a former assistant district attorney, which can be a benefit in resolving felonies and other criminal cases.

Clients in Weatherford and throughout Parker County like that our attorneys use the latest technologies to stay in touch. Our firm stands out because we get to know our clients by keeping the lines of communication open.

Our compassionate approach helps you feel comfortable opening up to us about your situation. This can help your case, as it gives our lawyers more information to work from to better understand the legal options that might be available to you. Getting the best possible result for your case is our number one priority. We handle all types of criminal cases, so our experience can help you understand your options for misdemeanors as well.

Combining The Best Of Both Worlds

We're not an old-school firm that takes days to return your phone message, leaving you to worry about your case on your own. When you have a problem, you can get in touch quickly, so we can tackle the issue and prevent others from popping up.

At Scott, McNeill, Burney & Kruse, PLLC, we combine that fresh approach with traditional lawyering and experience of a seasoned law firm.

We're available on cellphones, email and social media. In today's world of smart-phones, tablets and other mobile technology, we communicate with our clients in the way they are accustomed to getting information. We make it easy to get in touch with us.

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If you are facing a misdemeanor or felony charge or hoping to get traffic matters dismissed, we offer free consultations.

We can answer your questions about your legal options. Call our experienced and compassionate attorneys at 817-953-5081, or send us an email.