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Scott, McNeill, Burney & Kruse, PLLC, is part of a movement of law firms transforming how the legal profession does its business. While maintaining the best of traditional lawyering, including compassionate services and personalized attention, we incorporate the newest technology.

Our leadership in this area enables our clients in Weatherford and Parker County to maximize benefits from our years of experience while allowing us to deliver legal guidance in a timelier manner than ever before. Timely legal guidance often not only resolves existing problems, but prevents new ones from arising.

  • "Anthony is such a professional and truly cares about his clients. He has such a tenacity and dedication and commitment to doing his best. My custody case was both unusual and very difficult and required so much work. Anthony was the best attorney I could have had. He is so proficient, extremely bright, easy to talk to, and down to earth. It was such a comfort to have his expertise in my corner and I will be eternally grateful." JC - Custody Case, TX


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Many clients come to us to help them with their criminal defense and family-related legal needs. What they expect is often a style of practice associated with an outdated way of practicing law.

Those clients find our style to be a breath of fresh air. They feel more at home with us. As a result, they feel more confident in discussing their most personal issues with us.

It is that level of communication that increases the likelihood of success in any case. In other words, our contemporary technological practice of the law builds the kind of foundation that best helps you with your situation.

Facebook, Twitter, cellphones: We use all of these tools to provide you with the benefit of the latest legal innovations and strategies as soon as possible. Timeliness is one of the most critical components of the law, and we aim to excel in that area.

For that reason, we make social media a central component of our work with you. In fact, we have included in our legal service agreements discounts for clients who provide online reviews of our firm on social media, or who like our firm's Twitter and Facebook pages, for instance.

Why that level of commitment? We use social media to deliver more in-depth legal services. It also enables us to do more than legal services. We provide you with useful information through social media regarding how to cope with divorce, for instance, inspirational quotes, and other items clients find helpful.


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We invite you to contact us either online or by phone to schedule your free initial consultation with us at our office in Aledo, Texas. We will help you see your legal options in a whole new way.

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